From The Walrus:

The groom arrives, already drunk. “My last night of freedom,” he slurs. “You better make it a good one.” He tries to grab Candy and kiss her; clearly, he doesn’t understand. She tells them they don’t want to miss the show.

Judy and I take turns stripping, then the cries for “Lesbo!” start. Candy and Mary do their show, and the cheers spiral out of control as they return, followed by the best man and the groom. Candy takes the groom by the hand and leads him to the janitor’s closet across the hall. He can hardly walk.

“Why don’t you organize the other guys who want to get laid,” she coos to the best man before closing the door.

“What about me, baby?” he says, grabbing at her.

“After you drive us back. Remember our deal.” She winks; he follows her instructions.

Mary laughs as she gets dressed. “This might be the best stag in a long time. I can feel it.” But she can’t feel it. She has pulled her travel kit from her purse, pulled out the vial.

The Stag”, Deirdre Dodds, The Walrus