Four Poems by RC Miller and Gary J. Shipley



A dentist whitens my teeth, and I see where I’m going.
Its remote-controlled rise attracts adventurers.
Piles of legs and eyes bleached shades of dead Sloane.
I told you there’d be cake once the panda vomits a lion.
He craps the dark like it’s consuming him.
I smell overbreeding in the steam bath we take together.
There’s a lot of talk around the vulva in my neck.


Recommendations racket all the phases to stay awake through.
If I sleep my cats get Aids from careless chatroom trolls.
Christian liquids finish my hands throwing stones at the sudden downpour of laundry night.
And what to do but drink babies out the arse of your wife?
They grow up. She changes. I heave passing time.
I remember how my family has too much skin.
I buy a garden plot and gently move in.


A charred scavenger from the mermaid’s wrapper befriends verbal doping.
Tripping on his glottal stops, I cringe my glib incendiaries dry.
Lush, bound-up oranges shake their hair loose and they’ve got polar ice
And again, a passing asteroid imitates one too many dying sperms.
Savior, be my wife’s cum with millions of eyes living under it.
Be ten dozen phlegm-filled fruits sewn into your daughter’s skin.
I’m happy being a slave to where I will go.


I can’t reason a home anywhere.
My family, all of them: gorillas in gorilla suits.
The days are snorts. My daily travels reprinted and eaten.
Outside this room is test-space for other rooms.
I’m soaked in urine from eleven thorns and chant cup-loads of chameleon throat.
These migration habits promote better conspiracies for standing still.
First floor clouds tear at people.

About the Authors:


RC Miller lives in Metuchen, NJ. He is creator of Mask With Sausage, Pussy Guerilla Face Banana Fuck Nut & Demon Drawings, all published (or soon to be) by gobbet press. Miller maintains an art blog via WIGFUCKER.


Gary J Shipley is the author of various books, including the forthcoming Gumma Homo (Blue Square), Dreams of Amputation (Copeland Valley), The Death of Conrad Unger (Punctum / Dead Letter Office), Crypt(o)spasm (Punctum) and Theoretical Animals (BlazeVOX). He has published in Gargoyle, The Black Herald, Glossator, elimae, nthposition, 3:AM, and others. More details can be found at Thek Prosthetics.