Regret Avoidance Matrix, by Proxy


by Teresa K. Miller

Your heart will stop, Kevlar bottom,
wicker basket, hard-sided cooler.

What left unsolved, rumpling up,
temporal/zygomatic torque—
the eyes come out wild, all women in the quiver.

By woman I mean man, a space grayer
underneath, inlet for your own
gas-powered generator, landing pad
for your last minute.

Not the library but that Alexandria existed,
someone built it, someone made others build it
(Lights revolved & pocket the air conveyor roll)

In the box is a baby is always novel,

what the music wants /
who / for sale / the matter / the price

(Doors unchained & building
the heat of the fire of the sun)

Un-warehouse un-worker
peeled from the forklift—

Death isn’t dead it’s a drone, fulfillment
metric, your dying wish for someone
else to die.

Poem first published in Relentless, a book of poems ‘by’ Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

About the Author:

Teresa K. Miller is the author of sped (Sidebrow, 2013) and Forever No Lo (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2008). She lives in Oakland, CA.