Why I'm Open About Sex



by Amanda Earl

I believe that sex is a healthy activity when practised between consenting participants. I get tired of the secrecy & shame that is attached to sex and also to the body. I think one of the reasons society is so fucked up is because of repressed attitudes. I really do believe that if we made love more, we wouldn’t be as keen on war.

I’m fortunate to be able to speak openly about my own sexual activity & to be able to write smut to indulge my insatiable imagination. I know not everyone can speak openly, but I can, so I do. I never publicly reveal information about anyone I’ve been involved with without their say so. I don’t really give a rats ass what people think of me. I am open because I am always hoping for connection with like-minded people. They won’t find me if I keep mum.

By writing openly about sex, I hope that it helps those who have similar attitudes or thoughts to feel less alone. I’m an awkward, geeky bibliophile who enjoys sex almost as much as I love books. Maybe there are more freaks like me out there.

ps- For those who are asexual, I respect that & celebrate you. The main thing I would like anyone who reads this to know is that it’s ok to be you. We are pressured by society to fit into this monolithic monogamous mold (oooh alliteration) & I’m one of the people who are standing up to say, fuck no. If you’re monogamous, I respect that & celebrate you too. I ask for the same as a polyamorous pervy curvy old chick. & we’re all just trying to figure ourselves out. no cut & cried answers here, but a willingness to explore…

I send love, hugs, lust & kisses to anyone in need of same.

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