Diva Says Goodbye


Impacted Erasure of a letter

by Joseph Spece

I agreed to move out if such balance was banked & have thousands
left behind. Things bloom and I balance half the total. My
parents have not yet returned from Rhode Island.

I expect I shall have to get photos from neighbors for costs
have affected my health.

Spills have to ask for plants or materials back; for months many
strangers free chickens early. I have borrowed tools. I have to
provide all this info to parents and lawyer.

I can outline while practices pay for my payments.

My messages this weekend were mistakes; I’ve had bridal meetings
to clean your rot and deal a long list of your dating addiction.

Your personal biases affecting my meals repost this position like
bulbs I was watering. Your breakdown of hours is wrong. I don’t
believe I shall omit reviews of the business.

Faulty electric wires in my bedroom lowered the ability to work.
Your ignorance had me fixing unspecified growth that also ruined

You didn’t know poultry hardships or tasks like bamboo. I shall
be curing this irregular notice. Rising numbers break down.

I never expected mysterious food products that leaked jars on

I never looked up town ordinances but cancel family visits,
reschedule appointments, and am certain that moths have been
given nothing. I shall have to visit housing advocates.

Wildlife and wiring evaluate hundreds of seeds through December;
this is like stealing from me.

You can’t appreciate my changes. I have no closure that will
notice my hurt. I have never seen water charts.

Each departure affects fixed lights in two months. I have a
feeling I shall return.


About the Author:

Joseph Spece lives outside Boston, MA.


Cover image by Mary Crandall via Flickr (cc).