Ring More Gack (5-8)


by Paul Hawkins

Process: 4/50 sound map poem responses in ink listening to LIVE by Spring Heel Jack
Date: October 2018




About the Author:

Paul Hawkins works mainly in poetry, visual art, collaboration & performance. They’ve written a number of books, some collaborative, some not. Go Sift Omen (Knives Forks and Spoons Press) is due imminently. He co-runs Hesterglock Press and the Prote(s)xt imprint, publishing mainly the avant-garde / experimental. ‘Ring More Gack (1-4)’ will be published as a leaflet by Penteract Press in January 2019.

an instant, real-time processing of sounds
in this case listening with headphones to Spring Heel Jack’s live album
from start to finish
sound into mood | shape | gesture |  contours | cast | frame | pattern(s) | mark(s) | blemish
ears / brain / arm / hand / pen / ink
improvised scrawls careless scribbles random traces 
clumbsy hurried untidy non-right-brain playfulness
streakspotfleckdotstain | speck | s p e c k l e blotch | smudge s m u t [ smirch ] impressionblot || imprintsmear without restraint 
stop when the sound ceases
take photographs
save as b&w jpg’s