The Intimacy of a Photocopier


by George Reiner

Christian Hawkey
Notre Dame, IN: Action Books, 2021. 108 pp

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About the Author

George Reiner is a poet, translator, and artist based between London and Birmingham. With Penny Burkett they have published ‘cruising for lavs’ that explored queer relations and experiences in Polari. He is a member of the Birmingham Hippodrome Young Poets and his poetry and translations can be found in Berfrois and Under a Warm Green Linden. He is currently working on a short story in Italian, ‘Di-Ospitare,’ that explores hospitality in the modern world as part of a residency at CasaPiena MicroCentro in Petralia Soprana, Sicily.


Translation aided by Marta Guerrini.


Bob Familiar: Pool Tiles (2), Marrakech, 2018 (CC).

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