searching 4 meaning



by Melissa Broder

almost ready to be ok but not yet

the only way 2 get over a fantasy is a new fantasy

he does a lot for art but nothing good for it

why r ppl still making more ppl

my imagination is so mean 2 me

in an open relationship w my life’s purpose

i don’t want any heroes just solitude and astral fucking

having a body doesn’t mean u have 2 use it

brb, comparing my insides to other ppl’s outsides

roses r red, violets r blue, life doesn’t necessarily have implicit meaning, it’s scary to have to make my own

the person i was in love w i invented so i guess i am in love w myself

i always think i’m dying so when i’m finally dying i won’t believe it

wish i got paid 4 most of the sex i’ve had

i don’t care what u think of me anymore so now what

let’s pretend the answer isn’t within

when i’m dead i will still worry abt being hot

i try never 2 be in my body

might name my anxiety ‘elizabeth’

decided that i’m not allowed 2 be scared for the next 24 hrs and then i can be scared of everything again

i actually maybe like myself, just not arnd other ppl

is it art 2 watch ppl kiss ass?

wanna come over and judge me rly hard?

the existence doesn’t fall far from the not knowing why we’re here tree

if a = scared of dying
and b = not scared of death
then c = still scared

roses r red, violets r blue, monogamy is depressing, open relationship was good but then i got emotionally attached to other ppl

roses r red, violets r blue, i’ve been sober 10 yrs, but still make the same mistakes i did when i was fucked up

terms of service: i need 2 be alone

not thinking abt death is the best medicine

how is everyone not crying and hugging

oh no i’m searching 4 meaning again

sorry, i can only be vulnerable w the whole internet

if u meet the buddha on the road ask him if he thinks u r hot

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